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It’s time for encrypted e-mail!

After running Linux for almost 20 years and working in IT for the time it takes to reach the age of being allowed to buy and drink alcohol* in the Netherlands the day has come to start using encrypted e-mail in a serious way. The reasons for using encrypted e-mail have been the same for years and years now, but over the last few days those reasons have been made visible in the general public […]

Do not install McAfee Security Scan Plus with Adobe Reader

For the past few weeks I have seen friends and family that turn to me for advice on their Windows PC’s that have installed McAfee Security Scan Plus. Some of them thought it was a complete virus scanner program, which is not the case. Some thought it was a required program. I have been wondering where it was coming from, since it appeared to be everywhere. I was not quite sure it was a legitimate […]

You can start any time, you just have to do it.

I recently got a tweet from JT stating that he started a personal blog. After I followed the link, which I e-mailed to myself, today I decided to go ahead and do just the same. I’m doing more then enough interesting stuff to blog about, and it should be easy nowadays. I first contemplated using WebGUI for this purpose. After all I do have a personal WebGUI site for quite some years now. Then I […]