Pictures of Dordrecht, The Netherlands

It was a wonderful sunny day today, so we made a bike trip with the family. Here are some pictures of our trip from my hometown Dordrecht to Papendrecht by using the water bus to get there and the bikes to get back.

This is the waterbus bus stop in Dordrecht at the Merwekade.

2016-08-20 15-11-52 0729

This is the skyline of Dordrecht as seen from Papendrecht.

2016-08-20 15-23-07 0734

And here is another view on Dordrecht, where you can also see the windmill Kyck over den Dijk, which is quite near to our house and also in sight from the office of ProcoliX Managed Hosting and Inprove IT Infrastructure Solutions.

2016-08-20 15-36-14 0740

If you look the other way from that point, you can see the bridge over the Beneden Merwede that connects Papendrecht with Dordrecht.

2016-08-20 15-36-25 0741

Here is another one that gives you a good view of a typical Dutch sky with wonderful clouds. No wonder the cloud and cloud computing is so big in the Netherlands.

2016-08-20 15-39-50 0745

After crossing the bridge back to Dordrecht we stopped at the small branch of the Merwede called Wantij.

2016-08-20 16-33-33 0758

At the river Wantij is also the Royal Dutch Rowing and Sailing Association KDR&ZV. Here is a picture of the harbour and club building.

2016-08-20 16-33-41 0759

If you look a bit more to the right you can see de logeerboot (sort of a hostel but on a boat) that is suited especially for kids with autism and it houses a bed and breakfast.

2016-08-20 16-33-57 0761

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