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An updated LinkedIn profile summary, not such an easy task.

Today I thought I would take fifteen minuts to make my LinkedIn Profile Summary a bit more compelling to viewers that might actually be interested in buying something from Inprove IT Infrastructure or ProcoliX. That turned out to be very optimistic. Before today, my summary was this: As Open IT Entrepreneur I run two highly technical IT business: Inprove IT Infrastructure Solutions and ProcoliX Managed Hosting. By employing very seasoned technical people we are able […]

Pictures of Dordrecht, The Netherlands

It was a wonderful sunny day today, so we made a bike trip with the family. Here are some pictures of our trip from my hometown Dordrecht to Papendrecht by using the water bus to get there and the bikes to get back. This is the waterbus bus stop in Dordrecht at the Merwekade. This is the skyline of Dordrecht as seen from Papendrecht. And here is another view on Dordrecht, where you can also […]

Selling social, being honest, it just feels good.

It is liberating to do sales conversations while being honest and true to your customer and to yourself. Yesterday and today I had four (4!) face to face conversations that could previously have qualified as a sales talk. Besides that I did about eight phone calls with people that are either already a paying customer or are actively seeking to become one. But this time it all felt different. Before I go on to tell […]

Is my organization ready for Software Defined Storage? (continued)

Yesterday I already wrote how flexible Software Defined Storage is and that hardware is an important factor in the success of a Software Defined Storage solution design. Now we continue with what to do after you have looked at which part of all your storage is most interesting to try Software Defined Storage with… The best way to start is have a look at the software options for your use-case, make a list of them […]

Is my organization ready for Software Defined Storage?

If you have worked in IT for more than a few years you probably know that it is not easy to get all the different components of an IT Infrastructure to work nicely together. If you have found or even created a combination that works you will want to stick with that set as long as possible. Storage is the foundation of your virtualization setup and in most cases it is also one of the […]

Is it a good idea to post your children’s question on Facebook?

After a visit to the Kunsthal in Rotterdam today I was faced with a hard choice… would I put a picture of our two youngest children on Facebook to have a question they have answered on their request? Doing so will potentially expose them to thousands or millions of people. You could say that they cannot oversee the potential consequences of doing something like this. Perhaps your children’s picture will be used for advertising. Someone […]

Farmers Camping, a mini society.

Today I visited the 11 year wedding anniversary of my good friends Leonie Zeestraten and Joeri de Bruin. Joeri is my former business partner, and co-founder of ProcoliX Managed Hosting. They invited family and friends for a get-together at a very Dutch phenomena called ‘Farmers Camping’. At least I think it is a typically Dutch, I have not really seen it abroad. But I may be missing things. Let me tell you some more about […]

Social Selling

Social Selling book arrived

Today my paperback copy of the social selling book arrived by snailmail, and it took me a whole day to make a 7 second video to post on Twitter. After following Tim Hughes and Matt Reynolds on Twitter and LinkedIn for a while. I got convinced that what I need for my business is a way of finding potential clients without having taking the sales route that almost all IT Infrastructure companies in The Netherlands […]

wordpress 4.6 rc2

WordPress version 4.6 RC2 with Moesia Theme

Creating a working WordPress site is not difficult, but finding out which Theme to use is. All the search queries you put in your favourite search engine are so very much worked to death by Search Engine Optimization that you will only get ‘Top XX WordPress Themes’ kind of sites that don’t really offer any advice but try to sell you something. I ended up searching for ‘Free WordPress themes’ and after a few¬†hours(!) I […]